The Barron Family name has long been synonymous with quality, performance, and innovation. Our story is one of a rich legacy coupled with passionate foresight into the future of recreational boating. For 50 years Jerry Barron alongside his Dad, and boating legend Nick Barron, built the legacy of Hallett Boats. After his fathers passing, Jerry decided there was still work to be done. With his key people on board he has continued this amazing legacy by founding Barron Boats. With a core team and valuable partnerships already in place, like Mercury Marine, Barron Boats has quickly established a network of resources to revitalize the Barron brand and deliver amazing products to customers of old and new.

This history of long standing relationships and shared enthusiasm for boating remain at the core of why Barron is entering the next chapter. We look forward to welcoming you to the growing Barron Family!


Building upon our roots, the team at Barron is also dedicated to reconnecting family, sportsman, and the next generation to the wild frontiers that still exist today. We passionately believe our future products are not simply objects of desire and craftsmanship, but platforms to Conquer Further.

To do so we are committed to our core values:

  • FRESH NEW EXPERIENCES – Continually offering truly differentiated design, utility, comfort, and personalization to our customers. Opening new markets and enabling our customers to encounter new on-water experiences.

  • TRUSTED PRODUCT EXCELLENCE – Delivering best in class product, with an emphasis on safety, quality, compliance, and of course performance.

  • HIGH VALUE OWNERSHIP – Offering reliable and efficient customer care and long-term support to keep you on the water for years to come.


Our team pulls from a rich history of custom boat manufacturing and design.  Our employees, partners, vendors and leadership have been imbedded in the boat building industry for many years, delivering the highest quality, trusted products available.  Based in Southern California our access to both saltwater and freshwater is unprecedented, along with industry leading design and manufacturing capabilities. 

Come visit us to learn more!