Our Mission

Barron Boats is a unique collaboration of boat building enthusiasts dedicated to reconnecting family, sportsman, and the next generation to the wild nautical frontiers that still exist today.

We passionately believe our products are not just objects of desire and craftsmanship, but platforms to Conquer Further.


In the early 20th Century our country raced into a new era, building dams, reservoirs, and coastal harbors at a frantic pace.  Boat building was truly the wild west and a few patriotic family men chose to plot their own course and make history. 

They ignored the rules, built better hulls, drove further, fished deeper, and tested the limits.  They invented fun and transformed the modern age of boating. 

A few of these pioneers remain today, despite our waters and our lives becoming more and more crowded.  For us the frontier is still calling.  We're not here for status or recognition, we're here for the open water, the family, the secret spot, the next generation.  We're here to win back the frontier. 

Our Roots

Our team pulls from a rich history of custom boat manufacturing and design.  Our partners have been rooted in the industry for over 50 years, delivering the highest quality, trusted products available.  Based in Southern California our access to both saltwater and freshwater is unprecedented, along with industry leading design and manufacturing capabilities. 

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