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The much anticipated 190 Sport from Barron has entered the rigging phase. Our first hull is a beautiful pearl red with black pin stripping. Likely to be rigged with an LS powered jet, this is definitely going to be an exciting one to get on the water.

The bottom came out incredibly straight, and we’re really pleased with the way the black bottom contrasts the red top. The details in the deck you really start to appreciate once you see the boat in person and up close. From across the river you won’t miss it, and at the dock you won’t be able to walk away!

The deck is set up to take dual fuel fillers from each side that will feed a 50-60 gal belly tank. Dual stringers run the length of the boat with a single bulkhead beneath the helm. Multiple approaches to flooring are still being considered that will allow for a false floor, and/or full exposed balsa.

Following the jet you’re very likely to see one with the new Verado V8 from Mercury Racing. With an outboard set up there will be ample room fit the whole crew and more.

Thanks for checking in, more to come!


The Red Barron meets Speedboat Magazine


The team at Speedboat Magazine launched the April 2019 issue with a spectacular shot of our red 290S, dubbed “The Red Barron”. The 290S participated in the West Coast Performance Evaluations last fall in Lake Havasu. Great acceleration and a top speed of 75mph with the Mercury Racing 540 EFI were just a few of the highlights enjoyed by the test team.

Top to bottom Speedboat was very happy with the performance and build of this exciting new model, read for yourself or contact us for more info on the results!

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