offshore boat


News_03_Clemente 305 Clean.jpg

The long awaited launch a of very rare west coast center console lineup has finaly come. This week Barron released the first look at our flagship 30’5” center console.

Everything you will see from this boat is new, yet built on years of experience, close partnerships with leading naval architects, and clear focus on two missions:

  • Salt Water Offshore - Tournement and Core Fishing Platform

  • Freshwater / Tender - Flexible seating and entertainment amenities for any body of water

The Clemente 305 will be equiped with substantial fuel capacity coupled with the latest in propulsion packages and helm technologies.

The hull has been specifically designed for this boat using the latest in CFD testing and wieght studies to optimize the comfort and fuel efficiency at all speed ranges. As the build progresses we’ll post more insight into the design features of this bottom as well as all of the unique amenities you will find topside.

Looking forward to an exciting new addition to the Barron fleet.